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The sweet-tempered, gentle alpaca produces an elite fleece that is considered a luxurious fibre by the textile industry.  It is prized in high fashion houses in Europe for its luxurious softness, warmth without weight, rich silky handle, and sensual drape.  The fibre is often referred to as "the fibre of the Gods".  When you wear alpaca, you look and feel fabulous!

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Moore House Alpaca Socks CollectionAlpaca Socks
Alpaca socks are truly wonderful for your feet because they wick moisture away from your skin, keeping them toasty warm and comfortable!  All of our Alpaca Socks we offer are Canadian Made and have a greater alpaca fibre content than many alpaca socks made in other countries.




Alpaca Items

Alpaca Clothing and Accessories
We offer handmade and commercially made specialty items such as Alpaca Hats, Alpaca Gloves, Alpaca Scarves, Alpaca Shawls, and Alpaca Sweaters fashioned from lovely alpaca yarn. 


Alpaca Items for the Home
Always in high demand are our Alpaca Duvets - nothing beats them for the sensual warmth they provide.  Treat yourself to a good night's sleep!  Also offered are Alpaca Throws and great gift giving options such as Felted Soaps, Alpaca Dryer Balls, and our ever popular Teddy Bears.     

Moore House YarnsAlpaca Yarns and Rovings
Have a look at our own Moore House Royale, Premier, Traditional, and Majestic North yarns, made to our specifications in a wide array of yarn styles, weights, and custom blends with complimentary fibres in both natural and hand dyed colours.  We also offer beautiful centre pull bumps of rovings, a dream for hand spinners and artisans.

Paca Pacs (Knit Kits)
For the knit-it-yourselfers, we feature a growing selection of Paca Pacs with exclusive patterns designed especially for our Moore House alpaca yarns.  Each package contains the Knitting Pattern and our Alpaca Yarn you'll need to complete your project.  Gift yourself or the knitter in your life! 

Caring for your alpaca item...

With minimal care, alpaca garments regain their original beauty year after year.  Only occasional hand washing in cool water is necessary because alpaca fibre is naturally clean without the lanolin that tends to trap dust (wool has lanolin that attracts dust).  We recommend that you use a mild shampoo with a hair conditioner rinse to wash your alpaca garments.  This procedure will guarantee you years of enjoyment.   

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