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Carefully selecting a main herdsire for our breeding program was no easy task; we needed a male that would complement the desirable traits of our existing female herd yet still improve on them.  We put the glossy magazine ads aside as a herdsire's potential to create superior offspring is not proven in an advertisement but in the pasture!  After years of farm visits and careful deliberation, we selected DPO Lexus as our herdsire of choice!  Whether you are wishing to improve on one of your own females by purchasing a breeding or wish to acquire his genetics through purchasing his offspring, you are sure to be pleased with what he can stamp on his cria!


Our full Peruvian macho, Lexus, is a beautiful light fawn macho who possesses extremely dense fibre with superior lock structure - well defined bundling and high frequency crimp.  His fleece makes exquisite yarn!

Lexus is very masculine with a large sturdy frame, exhibiting sound conformation with a straight back, straight legs, and proper proportions.  He has real presence!

A two time Grand Champion and a Get of Sire winner, Lexus is the only male out of multiple Get of Sire winner CPeruvian Daniel and Progeny of Dam winner Peruvian Lollipop, as all of his full siblings have been females, who have also won numerous Grand and Supreme Champion awards!

Despite being a young breeder with a limited number of offspring from wish to choose for the show circuit (less than 20 offspring and more than half of them have ribboned!!), Lexus has passed on his winning ways as his progeny of all colours have done extremely well in the show ring themselves.  Lexus recently earned the highest honour to be bestowed on a breeding animal, the coveted Get of Sire award.  Not only is Lexus a beautiful alpaca in his own right, earning top awards for his own fleece and conformation, he passes these superior attributes onto his offspring on a consistent basis, making Champions.

Lexus' first-born daughter, MH Topaz Beauty, took home Supreme Champion at the 2009 AO Show, the largest show in Canada!  Many other Champions out of Lexus have been crowned as well.  See the list below for other awards bestowed on his offspring!

As predicted, Lexus has really taken the Moore House breeding program to a higher level, consistently siring offspring that are superior to their dams. Every one of his kids is stamped with his heavy bone and amazing fibre coverage - lustrous fibre everywhere!

Lexus...  A Champion creating Champions!


Get of Sire - Alpaca Ontario Show 2012

Grand Champion Male - Navan Fair Show 2006
Best of Age Junior - Navan Fair Show 2006
1st in Class (Junior Fawn) - Navan Fair Show 2006

Grand Champion Male - Alpaca Ontario Show 2005
Best of Age Juvenile - Alpaca Ontario Show 2005
1st in Class (Juvenile Fawn) - Alpaca Ontario Show 2005

His Progeny's Awards:


MH Topaz Beauty

Supreme Female Huacaya, AO Show 2009 (largest show in Canada)


Light Colour Champion, AO Show 2009


1st Place, Light Juvenile Female, AO Show 2009



MH Crowne Jewel

Light Colour Champion, AO Show 2012


1st  Place, Light Juvenile Female, AO Show 2012



Splitrock's Teddy Boy

Reserve Black Champion, AO Show 2012


2nd Place, Black 2 Year Male, AO Show 2012


2nd Place, Black Junior Male, AO Show 2011



Pootcorner's Lexus Nigellus

Reserve Grey Champion, AO Show 2012


1st  Place, Grey Juvenile Male, AO Show 2012



MH Marco Polo

1st Place, Light Juvenile Male, AO Show 2012



Sangrall's Lexicon

1st Place, White Junior Male, Rockton Alpaca Show 2011


4th Place, White Juvenile Male, AO Show 2011



MH Jericho

1st Place, Brown Juvenile Male, AO Show 2010



Highgate Lyric

2nd Place, Light Juvenile Male, AO Show 2010



MH Kiera

2nd Place, Light Juvenile Fleece, AO Fleece Show 2010



Sangrall Hildi

Light Champion Fleece, Navan Show 2009


Reserve Champion Light Fleece, AO Fleece Show 2009


Best Brightness, AO Fleece show 2009



DPO Montana

Reserve Fawn Champion, Navan Show 2008


The remarkable thing about this list is that Lexus has a very limited number of offspring - less than 20 as of April 2012.  12 of his offspring were shown and 11 of those received a minimum of a 2nd place ribbon.  The one that did not ribbon received an honourable mention from Judge Mike Safley who stated that on another day he may have won the class.  Do the math... MORE THAN HALF of his offspring have ribboned and more than half of those moved on to earn Champion titles !!!  Note too that many of the ribbons have been bestowed on progeny that are the result of outside breedings!

Learn how we selected Lexus!

Lexus - Nice straight legs, front and back

Lexus' Fibre - Look at those crimpy bundles!

View the Stats on DPO LEXUS

  CLAA #   29050
----------------------------  -------------------------------------------------------------
  ARI #   n/a
----------------------------  -------------------------------------------------------------
  Date of Birth   June 27, 2004
----------------------------  -------------------------------------------------------------
  Heritage   100% Peruvian
----------------------------  -------------------------------------------------------------
  Colour   Light Fawn
----------------------------  -------------------------------------------------------------
 Breeding Status:   Proven – first cria born in 2007
----------------------------  -------------------------------------------------------------
  Sire   CPeruvian Daniel 111 (white)
----------------------------  -------------------------------------------------------------
  Dam   Peruvian Lollipop 8686 (fawn)
----------------------------  -------------------------------------------------------------

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