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We offer numerous items for the home including Alpaca Duvets, Alpaca Throws, Alpaca Teddy Bears, Dryer Balls and Felted Soaps.  Each of these items make meaningful gifts for your loved ones and yourself!

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100% Baby Alpaca Throws

  75" x 52" (approx.) including fringe

These lightweight alpaca throws are remarkably refined and elegant, providing a luxurious accent for any room in your house.  Made from incredibly soft 100% Baby Alpaca, these throws are irresistible.  They make an exquisite and beautiful gift for the discerning alpaca lover.

100% Baby Alpaca.  Made in Peru.

Price (tax incl): $229

Colour and Pattern:

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100% Baby Alpaca Throw - Scottish Plaid

  72" x 52" (approx.) including fringe

Like our Solid and Herringbone Baby Alpaca Throws, these alpaca throws are remarkably refined and elegant, providing a luxurious accent for any room in your house. Made from incredibly soft 100% Baby Alpaca, these throws are irresistible. They make an exquisite and beautiful gift for the discerning alpaca lover.

100% Baby Alpaca. Made in Peru.

Price (tax incl): $229

Colour and Pattern:

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Heavy Alpaca and Wool Throw

  80" x 60" (approx) including fringe

These throws are cosy warm and offer a blend of soft alpaca and wool. They are heavier weight than the Baby Alpaca Throw.  Don't let the presence of "wool" throw you off.  These throws are wonderfully soft and take the winter chill away!  We have found that they wear very well.  In fact, we gave one of these throws to our daughter to test drive its wearability through her years in a student house during her days at university.  This throw received an A++ and returned to us completely unscathed where it continues its life through daily use in our family room.

50% alpaca / 35% wool / 15% nylon

Made in Peru

Solid Colours in Photo (left to right):  Silver Grey, Charcoal, Sand Heather

Price (tax incl): $199


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Alpaca Duvets

  Twin, Full, Queen, King

Sleep with alpaca!! Crafted by hand in Ontario with 100% alpaca grown on our farm and then sandwiched between 230 thread count, 100% downproof cotton sheeting, these duvets are extremely popular! Our customers always exclaim how comfortably they sleep with the unique quality of warmth their alpaca duvets provide while maintaining breathability.

Save energy and turn down your thermostat! Alpaca duvets will keep you warmer than traditional down-filled or synthetic-filled duvets or comforters, yet do not have the bulk nor weight. Note how thin they are without sacrificing any warmth! They are perfect for anyone who suffers from arthritis or who prefers bedding that is not heavy.

Please note that our duvets are perfectly weighted so that they are suitable for ALL seasons - winter through spring, fall, and even summer.  There is no need for a "Winter Weight" or a "Summer Weight" duvet.  Alpaca has the ability to moderate body temperature so our duvets will keep you toasty warm during cold winters yet will not be too hot during the summer.  We keep ours on our beds all year round!

Washing:  Our alpaca duvets do not absorb odours and as such require washing very infrequently.  In most cases, hanging your duvet outside on a sunny, breezy day is usually enough to freshen it up.  Should washing be required, dry cleaning is recommended.  Washing in a washing machine is not advised as the alpaca batting inside the duvet will felt and shrink like most animal fibres.  Do not dry or air fluff in a dryer.  It is highly recommended that you encase your duvet inside a good quality duvet cover that you can wash with your regular bedding. 

Made in Canada

Size (approx.)
Twin 66" x 88"
Double    76" x 88"
Queen 86" x 88"
King 102" x 88"

Prices include tax!  Shipping is extra and is charged at Canada Post rates to your location.  CONTACT US to place an order.

Twin $499.00 CAD
Double $549.00 CAD
Queen $599.00 CAD
King $679.00 CAD

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Alpaca Teddy Bears and Friends

  Various sizes

These delightfully fluffy stuffed teddy bears and other animals are silky soft to the touch. No one can resist a hug! They are hand sewn from 100% baby alpaca fur and each one is unique and a special gift to be cherished. A perfect gift for the child in all of us or the serious teddy bear collector!

Assorted natural colours (please specify if you have a preference) eg. solid ivory, solid beige, solid fawn, mix of ivory/beige or brown.  Not all colours and patterns are always available.  

Selection and Price
Colour preference:

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Set of Balls - (dryer balls)

  3 balls per package

Does anyone you know need a Set of Balls? Introducing an environmentally friendly alternative to liquid fabric softener - alpaca dryer balls. Throw a set of our felted alpaca dryer balls in your dryer and reduce drying time while softening your clothes and eliminating static cling! No need to use fabric softener sheets or liquid which introduce harsh chemicals into your clothes and the environment.

These balls are felted by hand from undyed alpaca fibre.  Each ball is unique and may not be exactly as shown.

3 balls work nicely for average size loads.

Makes a great gift for party hosts and tough-to-buy-for-people who seem to have everything.

100% Canadian made

Our price (tax incl):  $30 / set of 3 balls


# of Balls

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Felted Soaps

  100 g

Made in Canada! 

Each bar of our felted soap is individually felted by hand with our own natural and hand dyed 100% alpaca fibre and embellished with more alpaca, silk, or bamboo. No two are exactly alike, making them a unique gift idea for holiday or birthday gift giving for friends, family, teachers, neighbours, and yourself!

• Washcloth and soap in one
• Exfoliates the skin
• Easy grip and no-slip - perfect for the elderly and children
• Prolongs life of soap
• Antimicrobial and antifungal
• Makes an excellent gift & fits nicely in a stocking

Our hand felted soap works as a no-slip soap and washcloth in one. As you wet the soap, suds come through the felted alpaca, working into a luxurious lather which gently exfoliates your skin. The alpaca fibre continues to felt with use, preserving your soap for a longer life.

Our felted soaps are perfect for your hands or body. They are also excellent for cleaning hard-working hands and finger nails after a therapeutic session in your garden!

When the soap is all done, you are left with a scrubby of alpaca felt. You can use it for cleaning or add a drop or two of your favourite fragrance oil and use as a pretty freshener for your lingerie, car, luggage, or closet!

To extend the life of your felted soap, please store it on a racked soap dish or dry cloth to wick out excess moisture between uses. Do not allow it to sit in water. Some fading of colour may occur over time.

The soap used is specially formulated for sensitive skin. It is free of paraben, gluten, dairy, and dye (although the felted fibre may be dyed).

Colours Available:

Drama Queen - white with black and bright coloured embellishments
Pretty in Pink - pink tones with purple or blue embellishments
Purple Power - purple tones with pink or blue embellishments
Under the Sea - blue tones with green embellishments
Green with Envy - green tones with blue or yellow embellishments
Sunny Days - warm yellow and orange tones

Note that each bar is unique and no two are alike. The photos are for reference only.

Sold Out due to supply issues for soap

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